VILLAGES across Hampshire have joined calls for 20mph limits.

Last month it was revealed that more 20mph speed zones could be introduced in Hampshire as the county council had begun a review of county’s roads.

The move followed growing calls from communities across the UK for 20mph speed limits on the back of support for the 20’s Plenty For Us campaign, a 'not for profit’ motion that has nearly 600 groups campaigning to see the lower limit brought in to cities, towns and villages.

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James Batho, a Liberal Democrat, revived the community Speedwatch initiative whereby volunteers monitor traffic speeds in the Winchester. He called for the lower limits to be brought in across Winchester, Alresford and Itchen Valley, and his motion received support from Winchester City Council.

Alongside Cllr Batho’s campaign, Lib Dem councillor, Margot Power, is calling for 20mph limits for Alresford and local villages.

She said: "I welcome the fact that after years of refusal to look at more 20mph limits, Hampshire County Council has formed a working group to look at the issue but it’s vital that it looks at areas beyond the city where safer speeds are also desperately needed.

"Following a recent residents' survey in Alresford and the Itchen Valley showing overwhelming support for the introduction of 20mph limits, I’ve suggested a motion to Alresford Town Council and local parish councils requesting HCC implement 20mph limits in residential areas and in villages, particularly those without pavements - I’m hopeful that the councils will support the plan.

“It shouldn’t need saying that slower speeds are safer for all who use the roads and in residential areas they make for a healthier, quieter and calmer environment!”

Already this year, 42 new places registered with the 20's Plenty For Us champaign, taking the total to 591.

It is having some success too. Wales has set a 20mph national default limit on urban and residential roads which comes in in 2023, and Scotland is also following with the lower limit on appropriate roads in 2025.

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A growing number of cities and towns such as Southampton, Faversham and Portsmouth have 20mph zones, as well as some local authorities such as Oxfordshire and Cornwall.

Campaigners say there are multiple benefits of reducing speed limits such as making it easier and safer to choose walking and cycling over car journeys, as well as reductions in air and noise pollution.

Rod King, campaign director for 20's Plenty for Us, said: "28 million people across the UK live in areas where 20mph speed limits are, or soon will be, the norm. There is a growing desire for lower speeds from both rural and urban communities by implementing wide-area 20mph speed limits. It is becoming increasingly clear that the national 30mph limit set nearly 100 years ago is neither wanted nor is fit to serve the needs of 21st century communities. Changing it to 20mph on a UK-wide basis is the logical next step.”

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