Despite rising costs, travel enthusiasts across the country are still booking getaways to places around the globe.

When you factor in flights, hotels, catering and, of course, travel insurance, holidaying abroad can be expensive.

With so many now looking for ways to save money while enjoying a trip, here are some top tips for saving on your travel insurance this year.

Top tips for saving money on your travel insurance this year

Hampshire Chronicle: There are a number of ways UK holidaymakers can make savings on their travel insurance (Getty)There are a number of ways UK holidaymakers can make savings on their travel insurance (Getty) (Image: Getty)

Here are the top tips for making huge savings on your travel insurance this year as revealed by the experts over at One Sure Insurance.

Check if you are already covered

A common mistake made by many is buying a new travel insurance policy without checking to see if a previous one they bought is still valid.

Existing cover could come from a premium card, a bank account or through the airline purchase.

Home insurance can also include the cover of personal possessions when away from home, meaning there would be no need for baggage cover.

Annual cover

While most opt to buy insurance coverage for each trip, buying annual coverage may actually work out cheaper in the long run for those who plan on making multiple trips.

However, it should be noted that some policies put limits on how many days holidayers can travel per travel period.

Hampshire Chronicle: GHIC Cards are a great way to make savings on your travel insurance (Canva)GHIC Cards are a great way to make savings on your travel insurance (Canva) (Image: Canva)

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Buy insurance as a group

Those travelling in groups should consider buying their insurance collectively as this can actually work out cheaper per head than buying it individually.

Some policies allow couples, families and large groups to get travel insurance at a lower cost.

However, if someone in the group has a pre-existing condition, separate policies will likely work out cheaper.

Apply for a GHIC Card

The new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) allows UK holidaymakers to receive reduced costs for medical emergencies when travelling to the European Union.

UK residents can apply for this through the NHS website with some insurers waiving excess medical claims if tourists use their card for treatment.

It is important to note, however, that a GHIC Card is not a replacement for travel insurance as it cannot provide free treatment everywhere and will not cover payment for travelling home in a crisis.