A PETITION calling for a new crossing to be installed on a busy Romsey road has been handed to a county councillor.

As previously reported, Lynda Emery, of North Close, decided to campaign for a crossing on Cupernham Lane when she was taking her grandchildren to school and saw how difficult it was for pupils from Cupernham Infant School and Primary School, Romsey Primary School and The Romsey Secondary School to cross the road safely.

The 72-year-old collected almost 500 signatures from concerned parents and carers who feel that a crossing should be installed.

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Mrs Emery presented the petition to Cllr Mark Cooper, Hampshire County Councillor for Romsey Town, on Tuesday, April 16.

Cllr Cooper said: “Despite a number of requests from me over the years HCC has not to date progressed an upgrade of the crossing at the Woodley Lane - Cupernham Lane junction. HCC has undertaken pedestrian/vehicle ratio counts some time ago and numbers crossing didn't meet the threshold for investing in a lights-controlled puffin crossing.

“However, users of the crossing make the point that there is a tidal flow of movement to and from Romsey Primary School, the Cupernham Schools and The Romsey School, morning and afternoon, and there have been numerous comments about pedestrian/vehicle conflict and about the prevailing speed of traffic on Cupernham Lane.”

“Numbers crossing have increased, not least because there have been additional housing developments north and east of the town many of which have contributed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding to the councils.”

Speaking to the Advertiser, Mrs Emery said: “When we were at Cupernham Lane, I thanked all the councillors, because there was a wonderful turnout. There were all the councillors there from Abbey Ward and Cupernham Ward who came and supported me. There were a couple of other people who had signed the petition.

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“I’m glad it’s over because it took quite a lot of my time going out to the playground and going out to the shop and things, but I’m very pleased with the result and I would like to thank everybody who signed and supported it. Let’s just hope we get a positive outcome.”

She said: “Cllr Cooper said he was going to go to Test Valley Borough Council and try to get them on side, and then go to Hampshire County Council and say that TVBC wants it to happen.

“That’s all in his hands now, and I feel like I’ve done a handover to him to put forwards our case. He’s very much for it.”