HUNDREDS have signed a petition calling for a new crossing to be installed on a busy Romsey road.

As previously reported, Lynda Emery, of North Close, decided to campaign for the crossing when she was taking her grandchildren to school and saw how difficult it was for pupils from Cupernham Infant School and Primary School, Romsey Primary School and Romsey Secondary School to cross the road safely.

The 72-year-old told the Advertiser that her petition has now been signed around 250 times by residents.

She said: “It’s now been in Romsey Primary School on Mercer Way – I’m collecting it from them tomorrow as they are closing for Easter – and it’s in four shops across the town. I’m also still doing the rounds at school.

Hampshire Chronicle: Cupernham LaneCupernham Lane (Image: Chris Atkinson)

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“I’m planning on winding up the petitions after Easter, and then Cllr Janet Burnage will pass them on to the Hampshire County Council representative and he will present them at a meeting.

“Another thing Cllr Burnage is trying to organise, which will also be after Easter, is for more of the local councillors, so the different wards from Romsey, to meet with me possibly at the Cupernham Crossing area to see if we can do anything else to push the petition forward.

“I would like more signatures, but I still have these other petitions to collect – hopefully it will push us to 300.”

The other petitions are in the Viney Avenue Shop and Post Office, the Londis on Mercer Way, the Co-op on Woodley Avenue and at Nightingale Pharmacy on Great Well Drive.

Mrs Emery continued: “I would like to thank everyone who has signed the petition, as well as the shops which have hosted the petition. And the local councillors as well – hopefully we can have this meeting after Easter.

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“The thing I find strange is that Hampshire County Council had a crossing patrol person there a few years ago, and has been looking for a new one for about five years after they left. But now it seems they are planning on getting rid of the position entirely.

“It’s funny how it was considered vital for one to be there 20 years ago when there were less cars on the road, but there isn’t one there now when it would be needed.

“It all seems to be down to money.”

Hampshire County Council has been contacted for comment.