MEON Valley's MP recently met Target Ovarian Cancer to discuss how to raise awareness of the disease and campaign for better treatment.

Flick Drummond dropped in to see the charity in Westminster as it promotes Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Around 7,500 women are diagnosed with the disease each year and there is a drive to bust some myths about it such as 40 per cent of women wrongly believe cervical screening can detect ovarian cancer.

Mrs Drummond, who lost a close friend to Ovarian cancer, was told the four main symptoms of it are: persistent bloating, abdominal pain, needing to wee more often and feeling full quickly. However, four in five women do not know these symptoms.

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She said: “We do need to raise more awareness of this terrible disease and its symptoms because an early diagnosis will save lives.

“The advice is for any woman who has these symptoms to book in with their GP without delay so it can be looked at and any treatment can commence as soon as possible.

“Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths among women in the UK. I have lost a close friend to it far too early. Presently there is no screening tool so symptom awareness is vital if we are to avoid deaths.”