ROMSEY Town Council’s pplan to enforce 20mph speed limits in and around the town centre has sparked mixed opinions.

The council launched a survey to seek residents’ views, which is open until Sunday, March 24. The proposal follows a new Hampshire County Council policy which enables towns to introduce 20mph limits where specific criteria are met.

Hampshire Chronicle: The proposed 20mph zoneThe proposed 20mph zone (Image: Romsey Town Council)

Robert Phippen, retired software engineer, 62, of Greatbridge Road, has been living in Romsey since 1986. In that time he has had two cars written off due to traffic clipping his parked car.

Hampshire Chronicle: Audi hit in Greatbridge RoadAudi hit in Greatbridge Road (Image: Rob Phippen)

“I think 20mph is a very good idea and it’s something we are very keen on in this street. We have a lot of problems with our parked cars being struck by passing traffic and I know others who have had their cars written off too.

“We’re strongly supporting this proposal. It would help from a safety perspective too.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Robert PhippenRobert Phippen (Image: Adele Bouchard)

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John Bartlett, retired engineer, 65, of Harefield Court, said he would welcome back a pedestrianized zone in The Hundred but believes the town council is wasting its time with a 20mph proposal.

He said: “I suspect they are wasting their time. They can always make new laws but unless they enforce it with speed cameras or officers it is a waste of time. I’ve watched people drive down here (Church Street) at all speeds but there are no cameras.

“If it was enforced it would be a good idea. I would rather it was pedestrianised or a lot slower. It’s not obvious where the kerbs even are around here.

“It was good when they shut The Hundred to traffic during lockdown, you could walk along the shops with no worries. It would be nice if it was pedestrianised.”

Hampshire Chronicle: John BartlettJohn Bartlett (Image: Adele Bouchard)

Amy Harwood, 45, of Middlebridge Street, works in retail in the town centre. The mother of two believes a lower speed limit would make it safer for children and elderly pedestrians.

She said: “It’s a good idea, everywhere else seems to be going that way but there is a lot of opposition so I would be surprised if anything comes of it. We are quite restricted on speed anyway because of the town size and congestion. However, I would feel safer if the speed was slower when my children are walking out and about. It would make their home a safer place.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Amy HarwoodAmy Harwood (Image: Adele Bouchard)

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Similarly, although supportive of the proposal, Jackie Elliot, of Salisbury Road in Sherfield English, believes many people are still against it.

Mrs Elliot, retired support worker for blind adults, 62, said: “It’s a really good idea. There are a lot of pedestrians trying to use quite narrow paths and roads. It would be a safer option to have 20mph. It would be a more pleasant place to be with slower speeds too but I don’t think that is the general consensus. There seems to be a 50:50 feeling as some people think it would lead to more traffic to build up and cause more problems.”

Eric Friedman, philatelist, 66, also of Middlebridge Street, said: “A lot of people speed down Middlebridge Street. The 20mph limit would be safe enough, especially with the elderly population we have here. I would like to see it enforced.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Eric FriedmanEric Friedman (Image: Adele Bouchard)

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Jenny Milsom, retired support worker for adults with special needs, 73, of Mercer Way, believes 20mph shouldn’t be the priority for the town council and it should instead focus on better pavements for people with wheelchairs and prams.

She said: “I’m really struggling with the sloping paths. If the town councillors were to push a wheelchair around with somebody in they would see how hard it is with the uneven surfaces. This should be more of a priority. The cars have got to go slow through the town centre anyway.”

The town council is proposing 20mph speed limits for: The Abbey, Abbey Water, Banning Street, Bell Street, The Brewery, Broadwater Road, Cherville Street, Church Lane, Church Road, Church Street, Duttons Road, Greatbridge Road (south of the junction with Duttons Road), The Harrage, Holman Drive, The Hundred, Jubilee Road, Latimer Street, Linden Road, Little Meads, Love Lane, The Meads, Middlebridge Street, Mill Lane, Millstream Rise, Newton Lane, Palmerston Street, Pembroke Close, Portersbridge Street, Priestlands, Princes Road, Rivermead Close, Riverside Gardens, Station Road, and any other mews and closes off these.

Hampshire County Council would design and implement the scheme if the proposal is approved but Romsey Town Council would have to fund it. The town council has assured residents that this would not impact council tax or the funding pot for things like pothole repairs.

For more information or to respond to the survey go to or pick up a paper copy from Romsey Town Hall.