WINCHESTER Cathedral's resident peregrine has returned. 

Winnie was recently spotted on the cathedral's webcam, which monitors her nest.

Last year Winnie and her partner William had one chick which was named Rosie after the cathedral ran a competition. 

Keith Betton, chairman of the Hampshire Ornithological Society, expects this year's eggs to be laid around mid-March. 

He said: “Winnie, our long-standing female Peregrine is back at the Cathedral and the cameras are now live again. 

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“I first saw Winnie in 2013 when she was nesting on the old Police HQ in Romsey Road. She had been nesting there since 2011, and that means she must have been born no later than 2009 - so this spring she will be at least 15 years old, and possibly a fair bit older. The oldest peregrine we know of is 21, and so Winnie is very much into her golden years. 

“The peregrines moved to the cathedral in 2017 when the Police HQ was demolished. If all goes to plan, eggs will be laid in mid-March.”

To watch the cathedral peregrine cameras, visit: