AFTER a week of suspense and hundreds of suggestions, Winchester Cathedral has revealed the name of its resident peregrine chick.

Winnie’s one and only chick hatched on April 30 and nearly a month later she finally has a name.

The cathedral launched a ‘name a chick’ competition on Friday, May 19, urging the public to comment their ideas on Facebook.

Hampshire Chronicle: Winnie and her newly named chick Rosie. Image: Winchester Cathedral

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A week later, on Friday, May 26 the cathedral announced that the young peregrine is called Rosie, as inspired by the rose window which Winnie nests beneath.

Popular suggestions included Lilabet, Lizzie or Queeny after the late Queen Elizabeth II, Willow or Cath after St Catehrine's Hill but Rosie reigned triumphant.

A Winchester Cathedral spokesperson said: "The name Rosie (derived from Rose) appeared numerous times across social channels, so we couldn’t single one individual out."

Winnie had two chicks last year, named Elizabeth and George, who flew the nest in August.

Keith Betton, chair of the Hampshire Ornithological Society, inspected the chick last week and removed the other eggs that did not hatch.

Mr Betton said: "Rosie is doing well and last week weighed over 800 grams so will be getting to 1kg before too long. Then she will be heavier than her father, William.

"She will leave the tray soon and wander around the gully with first flights due in the second week of June."

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