WINCHESTER Science Centre’s charity is encouraging more girls to get involved with science.

Wonderseekers asked two of its young female members from the Young Steering Group to share their thoughts for International Day of Women and Girls in Science earlier this month.

The charity asked Bethan, nine, and Tillie, seven, what they would say to other girls who feel science isn’t their thing.

Bethan said: “I would encourage them to give it a try, they might be surprised at how science is a part of our everyday lives. In a relatively short period of time science has changed how we live drastically, it has given us so many new inventions like electricity, medicine and so much more. How exciting would it be to be the next scientist that discovers a life changing piece of science we haven’t yet discovered. I would encourage them to have fun and experiment with science - you never know what we might find next.”

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Hampshire Chronicle: The Young Steering GroupThe Young Steering Group (Image: Harvey Mills)

Tillie said: “I would say that science is fun, and if they didn’t believe me then I’d show them the Science Centre and how they can learn about our world. Girls can help in science as well as boys because we’re all part of the same world.”

Bethan and Tillie both help the charity on its mission to make science and nature accessible to all children at Winchester Science Centre and across the country. The science centre, in Telegraph Way, is encouraging more girls to have fun and experiment with science at an early age.

Wonderseekers, the independent educational charity that runs the centre, is aiming to empower all children to use science to protect and heal the planet. The charity hopes to better understand how girls in the next generation feel about science and why they believe other girls should get involved with science too.

The Young Steering Group programme has been running for five years. The current cohort, who were recruited in 2022, have been actively involved in the development of activities and exhibits for the science centre that encourage engagement with the environment and nature.

This article was written by Fred Morris.