MAJOR flooding has been reported in Colden Common.

Drains in Church Lane were pumping out gallons of water late last night (Thursday, December 7). The flooding came after a yellow weather warning for rain was issued in Winchester.

Cllr Sue Cook, ward councillor for Twyford and Colden Common, said: “The system was overloaded.

Hampshire Chronicle: The flooding on Church Lane on Thursday nightThe flooding on Church Lane on Thursday night (Image: Cllr Sue Cook)“It is why Highbridge Road last night and beyond Warden Road were a swimming pool. The water was right along the road, both lanes. I called (Hampshire Highways), and they said they would get somebody out. I went down there at 10pm, and there wasn’t anyone there, so I called the police and waited and slowed people down.

“If you were coming from Twyford towards Eastleigh, you would go down Warden Road and just see a wall of water.”

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Cllr Cook said that the flooding was approximately 75 metres in length and crossed both sides of the road. She continued: “Personally, I would have liked to have seen the road closed.

“You sometimes get motorcyclists riding at that time of night, and if they hit the water at speed, and that section of road is a national speed limit area, then they could have been really hurt.

“I am hoping that, since we have had no rain, the flood might have dispersed, but if the two drains are still dispersing water, then we will have the problem again.”

Cllr Cook told the Chronicle that she had alerted both Winchester City Council’s environment team and the Environment Agency of the flooding.

Southern Water declined to comment, with a spokesperson saying that groundwater flooding following heavy rain would not necessarily fall under the company’s jurisdiction unless the company or any of its assets were at fault.