A WINCHESTER woman has caused delight in her neighbourhood by decorating her house for Halloween.

Lisa Cridland, 39, said that she started the tradition of putting up spooky decorations outside her home on Thurmond Crescent approximately four years ago and that she has no plans to stop any time soon.

The mum of five told the Chronicle: “Every year I make it bigger. Last year I got a lot of people who were interested and asked ‘Oh, will you do it every year’, and I can’t see why not.

Hampshire Chronicle: Lisa's Halloween decorationsLisa's Halloween decorations (Image: Lisa Cridland)“I started decorating on October 1, and I’ve had loads of people interested and saying that they look forward to it every year. But this year it’s all gone quite big!”

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Lisa said that her favourite decoration is an array of “dead bodies” that she has outside the front of her house.

Hampshire Chronicle: Lisa is thinking of expanding her decorations to her back garden next yearLisa is thinking of expanding her decorations to her back garden next year (Image: Lisa Cridland)

She continued: “I’ve got more ideas for next year; people keep sending me ideas. I’ve got quite a large back garden, so I’m thinking next year of expanding out the back and maybe doing a maze or something.

“I just hope to inspire other people to get on board and celebrate Halloween a bit more. I didn’t really expect for it to go this big; I’m surprised that people are this interested in my decorations.”

A gallery showing Lisa’s decorations can be seen by clicking the photo at the top of the article.