AN AWARD-winning salon owner has been recognised for her work helping customers love the skin they’re in when going through menopause.

Selina Jogaloo, owner of Ritual Salons in Alresford and Alton, won Best Marketing Campaign at the Salonogy Awards this month.

The mother of two prides herself on the business’s customer experience and launched a menopause campaign to help her clients navigate the beauty changes that can happen.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Ritual SalonsRitual Salons (Image: Adele Bouchard)

Mrs Jogaloo, 41, said: “I’ve been in the industry for a long long time and I’ve seen all the different trends and fads. It feels like the traditional beauty treatments have been taken over by home treatments which can sometimes be unsafe.

“As a salon, we have a responsibility to educate our clients. It’s a big campaign about how the skin is affected by menopause, which most of our clients are going through.

“Menopause goes on for a long time and there are huge changes that happen to the skin and you can feel as though you have aged very quickly which can affect confidence and wellbeing. So we try to help our customers with what they can and should do to help their skin. We hosted a talk with two menopause specialist GPs.

“We go a bit further than your traditional beauty salon, taking a holistic approach looking at our clients’ entire wellbeing.

“The response has been fantastic and it has built up trust and loyalty. Our job and treatment rooms are quite private so women open up to us quite a lot, it’s a place of safety and without judgement.”

“There’s a need for connection and I find it personally very rewarding. I enjoy it so much and it comes very naturally to me.

“Every time I have a success I look at what doing next but the biggest thing I’m working on is pausing and giving myself a pat on the back and then moving on.”

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Hampshire Chronicle: The Rituals team in AlresfordThe Rituals team in Alresford (Image: Adele Bouchard)

Each year, the team has a “kick off” meeting where everyone sets out what goals they want to achieve, with monthly catch-ups to help each other stay on track.

Mrs Jogaloo, who has been in the industry for 19 years, said: “It’s important to be recognised in the job that you are doing. Some people see beauty therapy as messing around with lotions and potions and people get steered down other career paths.

“Beauty therapists’ anatomy knowledge is on par with level one nurses and I’m hot on continuous development, there’s always more to learn.

“The government is finally looking at regulating the industry after 12 years of us campaigning. This will bring recognition to the fantastic work that beauty therapists are doing.”

Ritual has a team of 12 beauty therapists who work across both salons providing advanced skin care, microneedling, collagen lifts, massage, eye treatments, hydrofacials, chemical peels and nail work.

The business has also won Salon of the Year four times at the English Hair and Beauty Awards and Mrs Jogaloo has been awarded Beauty Therapist of the Year.

Ritual's annual festive event 'celebrate your skin' will be at 5 East Street on Friday. November 10 from 3pm-6pm and at 34C High Street, Alton on Wednesday, November 22 from 5pm-8pm.

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