A MAN who assaulted four emergency workers has been jailed for eight months and banned from the place he calls home.

Joseph Flowers, 44, was already serving a suspended sentence when he assaulted two city rangers, a police officer and a PCSO in Winchester High Street on the same day.

The repeat offender has a history of 23 convictions for 31 offences including battery, racially aggravated threatening behaviour and resisting and obstructing police officers.

Flowers was sentenced to eight months in prison and banned from Winchester High Street and the cathedral grounds for two years for four counts of assault and two counts of threatening behaviour at Winchester Crown Court on Friday, September 29.

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The court heard that Winchester BID Rangers Brett Jones and Debbie Walker were alerted to Flowers when he was trying to steal a bottle of wine from Marks and Spencer in Winchester High Street around 4pm on August 17.

When challenged over the £6 bottle of Pino Grigio, Flowers became angry and ranger Brett Jones tried to put an arm on him to detain him.

Flowers took hold of Mr Jones and threw him to the floor, causing minor injuries to Mr Jones’ elbow and shoulder.

While Mr Jones was still on the ground, Flowers grabbed Ms Walker and shoved her into a fence, causing minor injuries to her elbow.

A PCSO nearby, Neil Parker, arrived at the scene and found Flowers being restrained.

Paul Fairley, prosecuting, said “Mr Parker rather jumped the gun and thought it was best get him out of the area.

“The PCSO would have arrested him had he known about the assaults but by that time he was back in the town centre.”

Less than three hours later, Flowers told PCSO Dan Gretton that he wanted to kill him and threw a cardboard box at his head after he caught him taking a bag of sweets from Marks and Spencer.

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Flowers also used violence against police officer Phil Lawrence, stamping on his boot while shouting towards PCSO Neil Parker who had arrived at the scene after hearing the commotion.

Chloe Jay, mitigating, said: “I don’t think we can provide any opposition. Flowers is sadly in downward drug spiral with class A drugs.

“He suffers with severe depression and anxiety but struggles to get the medical help he needs. He is no longer welcome at the local homeless shelter.

“The defendant seems to be disconnected and struggles to understand that he comes across as threatening.

“He has no real avenue for support. He’s followed by local officers because of his behaviour which leads to frustration. I hope that going to prison will provide a reset.

“Any time in prison will be a significant punishment. He said to me “Winchester is my home” and he will be genuinely upset that he will not be able to go to this area.”

Sentencing, Judge Adam Feest KC said: “It’s four separate offences committed against four different people who were simply doing their job to protect the public.”

The judge said: “In any event, I would have imposed a custodial sentence. Because of the circumstance of the incidents I will go above the guideline bracket.”

Flowers’ crimes breached a suspended sentence order enforced in June of last year after he attacked a fellow member of the homeless community outside Kings Walk.

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The judge activated the suspended sentence, reducing the eight months suspension to six.

Flowers was handed eight months in jail with an alcohol treatment requirement.  He has also been banned from Winchester High Street and the cathedral area for two years.

Although Flowers was described as being "part of the homeless community in Winchester" Flowers' address on the court record was given as Down Gate, in Alresford.