AN AUTHOR who says she was abducted and experimented on as a child is on a mission to increase the awareness of aliens. 

Tina Bird, from Woolston, whose abduction case has been investigated and documented in UFO Truth Magazine, is introducing an Encounters Conference to Bishop’s Waltham.

The event next year in Jubilee Hall will take place on April 22-23 featuring a number of stars from the world of ufology.

Speakers include the vice president of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) Gary Heseltine, UK deputy and chairman of Birmingham UFO group Dave Hodrien, Truth Agenda’s Andy Thomas, author Ben Emlyn Jones and Marshall Vian Summers.

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Tina said: “Hampshire has been under the UFO spotlight for many years including sightings, abductions and crop circles. It's the first time in southern England that has seen an event like this and I’m hoping it will become a yearly thing.

“It’s mainly to raise awareness and let people know that things do go on in Southern England. We’re more famous for it than any other part of the country but they haven’t held lectures down here.”

She recalls being abducted at six years old while she was asleep in bed before she had holes drilled into her chest and embryos removed from her body. Tina has since been interviewed by American investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe.

Hampshire Chronicle:

Tina, 51, added: “It’s not just about abduction but about what the next step is. We’ve got millions of people so they can’t all be wrong.

“Contact has already been made. We’ve got an alien species coming into our world unrestricted and coming into our air zone unconfronted and coming into our homes.

"It was not until my late forties that I came forward, looking for medical advice out of worries as both me and my partner were sick. Looking back now and understanding what happened to me is one thing, coming to terms with it is another thing altogether. 

"I knew that these poor people who had come forwards, who had suffered this, were not getting help, not being protected, not being believed. In fact, the opposite was happening.

“All the people who say they are beings of light and love and they’re here to do good. If that’s the case they wouldn’t take innocent children when they’re at their most vulnerable asleep in bed and perform experiments on them, drill holes in their stomach and chest and take parts form inside them. It’s a war crime against humanity.

"I am not saying all forces, entities or aliens are evil. I don't know that, I have never met them all. All I know is what has happened to me and many other people I suspect."

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Although typically a romance author, Tina will be publishing her third book 'The bonded: The truth about alien abduction' exploring her own alien encounter in 2023.

Hampshire Chronicle:

Some 250 tickets are available for the Encounters Conference in Jubilee Hall. Event organisers hope that the conference will also bring revenue to the local area, with hundreds of visitors staying in hotels. For more go to