REPORTS of UFO sightings have sky-rocketed throughout the years, with many seen in the Hampshire skies, according to the man behind a UFO website. 

Ten sightings within Hampshire were reported in 2021, with an estimation that only 10-15 per cent of sightings are reported.

UFO researcher, Ash Ellis runs, the largest database of current-day UFO sightings reported in the UK, analysing between 30-40 sightings per month across the nation.

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He said: "It's estimated that only 10-15 per cent of UFO sightings are actually reported so the data we work from is only a snapshot of what is actually being seen in our skies, so we urge anyone that does see something unusual to report it to any of the number of organisations that takes reports, so we can build a bigger picture of the UFO subject in this country."

The 34-year-old from Manchester fears a large number of sightings don't get reported as people don't know where to report them to, with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), BUFORA (British UFO Network) and NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Centre) all networks that take reports, as well as UFOIdentified.

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Ash feels there is a lot of stigma attached to the subject, which results in less people wanting to talk about their experiences.

He said: "This is due to how the subject is portrayed in tabloid media who continue to make a joke out of it, whereas if people dig deeper into it, there is a lot of professional, scientific study going on, which this type of data provides the backbone for. Although many sightings can be explained, there is still a small percentage that remain unexplained."

Further Hampshire sightings:

Oct 11 20:06 Southampton Hampshire Like a star but with an intense bright light above an airliner, carried out an S shape manoeuvre then disappeared (Source: MUFON)

Oct 15 19:15 Winchester Hampshire Bright orange object, similar to a fireball. Noticed by the witness due to possible reflection, turning in place but stationary (Source: MUFON)

Aug 28 21:12 Alton Hampshire Two strange purple craft flying near each other at moderate speed at around 1000ft (Source: NUFORC)

June 05 16:30 Waterlooville Hampshire Metallic orb spinning above the houses, two more appeared flying at a very high speed (Source: MUFON

May 21 23:50 Hambledon Hampshire Lights that looked like satellites but moving at different speeds, and moving up and down erratically (Source: MUFON)

April 14 19:10 Lyndhurst Hampshire Black sphere at approx. 2000ft travelled silenty to the east. Smooth and no sound (Source: MUFON)

April 26 20:30 Winchester Hampshire Very bright star-like orb above houses, moved to the left before rising out of sight (Source: MUFON)

Feb 11 19:15 Tadley Hampshire White orbs moving erratically across the sky before shooting off at incredible speeds (Source: MUFON)

Jan 21 22:45 Tadley Hampshire Three purple lights in a triangle formation behaving oddly, stopping and then moving (Source: MUFON)

Jan 04 14:00 Farnborough Hampshire Small solid black sphere-like object flying around about 8-10 metres away (Source: MUFON)

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