SIR: As I have already had one letter printed in your publication earlier this year, which riled some of your readers, (or should I say ruffled their feathers?), I wondered if you would be kind enough to indulge me again and allow space for me to share my thoughts on the topic of the local peregrine falcons (Chronicle, Letters, various)?

Some years ago our then pet cat was deemed guilty of eliminating a succession of garden birds, on the evidence of quantities of feathers around the garden.

She was finally exonerated when I caught sight one day of a sparrow hawk on the kerbside outside our house ferociously tearing into a pinioned pigeon. From which I conclude that cats are not always the culprits and the peregrines are not the only birds of prey active in these parts.

Alison Biden (Mrs),

Northbrook Close,

St Giles Hill,