Our experiences in life are intrinsically linked to music and people - there's something about important memories which we can see in certain songs and people.

I think I can define most of my life by walking up St Giles Hill, wandering over to the viewpoint and looking right back up across the city.

From there I can point out lots of buildings, parks and monuments where life-defining moments (and many other less important ones) have taken place in this city.

That's why I've been playing Frank Turner's - Wessex Boy video on repeat this weekend.

The repeated mentions of the cathedral grounds and Jewry Street make me think back to some of the best, worst, funniest and saddest moments of my life so far. That song has gives Winchester people of many ages some time to reflect.

We can all take something from the people and places we've grown up in and with - and it's great to have a musical memento to remember some of them by.

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