We'll forego this week's large motivational story with lots of Winchester anecdotes, and instead replace it with a community announcement - I feel that's my public service.

Our wonderful parking wardens have started to work on a Sunday again.

For those of us lawbreakers who quite enjoy the dangers of parking on the occasional pavement, we will have to migrate to more country towns and villages to cause travel mayhem and misery.

Having enjoyed six months of parking on the street every evening and weekend, my vehicle will now be stabled in a car park - obviously not legally parked, but now off the street from the prying eyes of central Hampshire's parking gestapo. I'm still winning, quietly.

On the plus side, I'd like to congratulate Winchester City Council for their excellent and efficient online payment system - you know how to take all my money in a very time efficient manner.

If you decide that allowing planning permission for flats in areas that weren't previously residential without allowing them a parking space seems a bit silly, please let me know so I can find somewhere to park legally within at least one mile of my home.

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