So it's time for my annual New Year address to the city via the Hampshire Chronicle blog.

Just like the Archbishop of Canterbury's, it's worth a read as I do my best to provide some inspiration.

I'm incredibly excited for 2012 and all the opportunities it brings. Things aren't going to be easy, but with that comes all the challenges of really stretching yourself and seeing what you're made of.

For many things haven't been 'comfortable' for a while, and they'll continue to be tough. For other 'comfortable' souls, that could be about to change. For many, that's a real opportunity to make what they like of life. That excites me.

So for 2012, I'm going to take chances, go after everything I want, stretch myself, get rid of the rubbish, figure out where I want to be and just make it happen.

With less thinking, more action and complete honesty, I think that'll make 2012 a great year.

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