I’ve got a new neighbour.

I don’t know whether I’m supposed to go around with mug fulls of sugar, or make lots of dinosaur shaped jelly, but I took the first step by having a conversation that went beyond the usual male grunt of ‘ello’.

In response I was given a frank opinion about how us Wintonians entertain immigrants from other counties. We’re ‘friendly and welcoming’ apparently!

Take yourself back to the time when you entered the Winchester community. What events and places would you go to meet people?

We’ve got some wonderful regular events that take place for the person who wants to make their mark in central Hampshire. There’s really something for everyone.

Being ridiculously confident and completely full of myself, I have no problem introducing myself to anyone. I even bumped into a cardboard cut out of Colin Firth in the video shop and said hello before realising his flattened nature.

But if you don’t, where would you send the incoming folk of Winchester city?

Comment below or send me a tweet to @steve_cross – because I’ve got quite a few new neighbours moving in very soon!

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