Every morning I get up, trying to consider what legwear I should be sporting today. I know my hotpants are out, but I have to guess whether its warm enough for shorts or not.

Why? Because I love summer picnics in the Abbey Gardens, sat outside the water meadows, relaxing afternoons with friends sat around the pub gardens of Kingsgate and wandering around the old parts of Winchester.

I like the vibrancy and warmth of the city during the Autumn and Winter, but the change of pace during the Summer months produces such a different atmosphere. It feels like the city works at about half the rate, basking in the glory of the sun.

Just watching the Itchen flow by whilst sipping a cold pint, or walking up St Catherine’s Hill to see church spires glint in the sunshine - that’s what keeps drawing the people in, and people like me writing passionately about the city.

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