Having been riding solo in life, employment and love recently, I thought it might be time to take up cycling again.

I rediscovered my bike in January for a heroic and stupid 16-mile ride around Portsmouth, before it was hastily confined to the cupboard under the stairs.

Moving further up town, it was necessary to dust the penny-farthing off, and attempt to meander up the one-way system. Being the brave kind of guy, I did this late Sunday, when I knew there would be little traffic.

Usually shivering as I walk past a sporting clothes store, I was sceptical this five minute ride could be particularly successful, but I was most surprised.

Cycling around Winchester is a fantastic experience when there’s no traffic around. It was a genuinely enjoyable way to view the city.

But how can we ensure that a regular Oxford-like encounter for those of us who choose to two wheel? What traffic measures can we put in place to make the one-way system suitable for cyclists?

I’m told that around 6 people a year die from being squashed on their bikes, and it seems a somewhat more dangerous way to get fit than walking.

How do we make Winchester safer for us who have rediscovered the joy of the bike?

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