I’ve finally achieved my dream of owning property in Winchester.

This is a dream that hasn’t come without significant sacrifices in the past, and a lot of hard work, but i’m there.

At the same time, half my friends are leaving because the city isn’t very affordable.

This general trend means more of us will grow up in Winchester, end up moving out and only being to return when we reach the average property purchasing age of 38.

Although we have great youth facilities, I commonly hear more young people saying they don’t have anything to do and that they can’t wait to disappear out of Winchester off to university, never to return.

We will become a city of aged people and temporary students, which is where conflict often occurs.

Is that the kind of city we really want, and what should we be doing to keep young professionals here?

I take heart that so many of the students who come to the University of Winchester say they never want to leave. I hope that is a reality for all who choose this great city.

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