Bloggie and his 31-year-old son Matt Dylan, photo-journalist and book production editor visiting Cressroads’ Lower House of Windsor with his front-line Nikon, made the 18-mile return hop from Alresford-on-Arle to Winchester Cathedral on the October Wednesday afternoon attracting 10,000 and more additional visitors hell-bent on nosing their way through the city’s remains for Roman walls in search of a parking bay within easy walking distance of the ancient capital of England’s Norman cathedral.

Praise the Lord and pass the loose change.

But only after the town hack knew to beseech successfully Christopher of Lycea – martyr made patron saint of travellers – to hunt down, free up and guide camera-by-Moleskine reporter’s notebook Blogsbody’s eldest son by his third set of nuptials and philandering self to the last available £1.20-an-hour Winchester City Council (WCC) parking meter.

Satisfying miraculously the pair’s need to lose a corroding 20-year-old, RAF-blue Ford Escort and leg it to the grounds and nave of retiring 96th Bishop of Winchester Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt’s second largest medieval House of God in Europe.

Locked and left to face off to the favourite pub door of an ex-Irish jockey on his day off – diminutive Denis O’Friggin, last saddled as a Globe-on-the-Lake dish dog and known out and about Old and New Alresford for his hatred of the pot wash after Friday’s plates of fresh fish and chips – “I hate friggin’ fish."

But overtaken, whelmed as well as shadowed this early Wednesday afternoon by the city’s giant statue of its legendary King Arthur of the Round table, pensioned O'Friggin is someone to be seriously avoided as he trips in and out of the Broadway’s popular Crown & Anchor favouring his well-compensated gammy left leg.

“ ... on our way, Kirsty!” – and to be continued soon and shortly by

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