Girls football is so important due to it giving girls an opportunity to succeed in a male dominated field, giving them confidence that they can perform at the same level as anyone else. 

The rise of women’s football has been since a change in law when in 1969 women’s football was deemed as a proper sport, now women’s football is very influential as in 2022 the England’s Women’s football team won the Euros in 2022. 

In the local area girls football has also seen a boom. The Peter Symonds girls football team in 2022 had around twenty girls applying to play. However, in contrast there has been a vast development; the 2023 entry had over fifty girls at trials. With such a strong team, the Peter Symonds girls won the league this year, a monumental moment for them. 

Lara Simpson the Captain of the Women’s First comments on why football is so important to her, “I feel happiest playing football, I have met so many amazing people that have shaped my life. The sense of community surrounding girls football is fantastic.” 

However, being passionate for football does not come without its trials, Lara commented on how through her years of playing, she often found there to be discrimination especially regarding criticism from male peers who have opinions on the girls playing. 

In Peter Symonds there has been an acceleration in the care for girls football, there have been more opportunities to promote the football team such as an instagram account ( which helps the spread of information regarding the team. There has been more funding put into the team and the fees are no longer as expensive as they had been previously. 

Lara also gave advice for any young girls who wanted to start playing football, “start at a recreational level, gain confidence and just enjoy playing the sport”.

The Symonds Women's train on Friday mornings, and their matches are on Wednesday afternoon.