A 14-YEAR-OLD showjumper, based near Romsey, is making waves in equestrian and modelling. 

Myrtle Hallion is based at Blackwater Equestrian in West Wellow.

She is the step-daughter of international rider Mark Hallion.

Her mother Claire Hallion said: “Myrtle started riding at the age of five inspired by her stepfather she has gone onto being the youngest riders on the Global Champions Tour the equivalent to (Formula 1). 

“Myrtle has not only achieved such great things at such a young age she has also been signed to a top modelling agency in London showing she does not only have the ability in sport but looks good doing it. 

“Animo Italia, which is an equestrian brand, was one of the first to notice her modelling potential and inspiring qualities making her the face of their company in 2019 followed by Tommy Hilfiger last year and now IONIC Water were she stands along side big names such as Paula Radcliffe. 

“Myrtle has an exciting year ahead for 2024 jumping in Monaco, Cannes, Paris and Riyadh juggling this with her new modelling commitments and of course her schooling which is now all online. 

“Myrtle's journey has not been easy and has felt the pressure of racism along the way, however British Showjumping has supported Myrtle and even put her on the cover of their magazine. It’s so important that diversity in sport is heightened and for once we would like to see a positive thing published about how British Showjumping as we feel they are making a change for the better ahead of the Olympics in Paris this year.”

Mrytle is next competing at the Welsh Masters in April. She then has a trip to Holland at the Tops International Arena for a 2* show followed by St-Tropez then onto Monaco followed by Paris then London. 

Myrtle ends the year with Horse of the Year show. If she qualifies, then three weeks in Spain and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in December.