A Winchester bobsleigh athlete is looking to raise funds to reach her aim of competing at the Winter Olympics.

Charlotte Longden is aiming to win a gold medal at the 2030 Winter Olympics. The host city has not yet been selected.

Charlotte said: “My goal is to win gold at the 2030 Winter Olympics, but in order to do this I’m looking for a team of supporters from my local area to make this journey a reality.

“Bobsleigh might seem an odd sport for a Hampshire girl to be doing but I come from a heptathlon background where my ability in the 200m and long jump got me scouted for the team. Believe it or not, the British standards in bobsleigh are incredibly high with a high-performance programme based in Bath, home to the only ‘push track’ in the UK where we can practice pushing a bobsled. 

“I’ve already proven my potential in the sport by representing my country at the recent Youth Olympic Games, and now I’m eyeing the 2030 Winter Olympics as my big career goal, but the biggest challenge is that we don’t have any ice tracks to train on in the UK. The cost and logistics of getting me, my sled and an entire mobile gym around the various European tracks to compete internationally is currently the greatest obstacle between my ambition to represent Hampshire and the UK at the Olympics, keeping my ambition a dream rather than reality.

“I’m aiming to raise a total sum of between £25-30,000 to make this winter sliding season happen. In addition to looking for business partnerships, I’ve also set up a Go Fund Me page so if anyone would like to donate to the cause I’d be extremely grateful. Bobsleigh is the epitome of a team sport, the saying that “it takes a village” really couldn’t be truer!

“If this sounds like an adventure you’d like to be a part of, I’d love to talk to you about it! Please get in touch by email - Charlotte.longden1@gmail.com.”