Tri Team Wessex is Winchester’s triathlon club and supports a growing membership in a supportive and friendly manner.

They cater for people of all abilities, from novices right the way through to experienced Ironman athletes.

Many members compete in a variety of multisport activities from Triathlon, Duathlon, swimrun to aquabike to name just a few.

They hold regular training sessions in Winchester including a Monday night run and coached swims throughout the week. They have a team of dedicated coaches who support and help members achieve their goals whatever their ability.

Ailsa Burnett, who completed her first triathlon this year, said: “Stepping out of my comfort zone and diving headfirst into the world of triathlons was a decision I'll always cherish. I first discovered Tri Team Wessex through an advertisement on a local Facebook group. I wasn’t a swimmer nor a keen cyclist and it would at the time be generous to call myself a runner. However, by joining the club I saw it as well the personal challenge I had been looking for but also an opportunity to connect with new people within the local community. As a student in Winchester, it was important to me to meet people outside of the student community and I found that by joining the club was a perfect way to achieve this. 

“A year later, as I look back on my recent experiences, I can't help but smile at the incredible journey I've embarked upon. 

“Triathlons, with their combination of swimming, cycling, and running, presented a daunting challenge especially as a complete beginner. But what surprised me the most was the warmth and encouragement I received from my fellow club members and coaches. Their support allowed me to really push and challenge myself to be confident and improve in all disciplines of the sport. 

“In May 2023, excitedly and nervously I competed in my first triathlon - the Winchester TryTri. I crossed the finish line 17th in my age category! A wave of accomplishment filled me for the rest of the day. The sense of pride and the rush of endorphins were beyond words. 

“Looking ahead, I'm eagerly preparing for more triathlons. The journey of setting goals, pushing my limits, and achieving them has become incredibly addictive and all made possible through the support of Tri Team Wessex. I hope my experiences can inspire people to step outside their comfort zone and embrace new challenges in life. I can wholeheartedly recommend joining Tri Team Wessex to anyone who is looking to get active in a new and exciting way.”

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