45 years to the day since Saints lifted the FA Cup, a brand new movie telling the story of how Southampton went to Wembley has been launched.

Lawrie & The Boys of 76 features new and exclusive interviews with members of the squad including manager Lawrie McMenemy, captain Peter Rodrigues and star striker Mick Channon.

The project has been put together by life long Saints fan and TV presenter Michael Kurn along with former chairman of the Ex Saints Mike Thew and Tim Ryan for Echo Eighty to mark the anniversary.

A host of pictures from the Daily Echo archive, from the cup run, the Wembley final and the celebratory bus tour around the city, have been used for the film.

“Its been an honour and pleasure to put this film together to mark the 45th anniversary of our famous cup win," said Michael Kurn.

"Little did I know when we set out on this journey Covid would put who many obstacles in the way but we have done it!

"I really hope what we have put together makes all the players proud and this will be something the fans will treasure for generations to come.

"I would like to thank the Southern Daily Echo for their support. The archive of images from the Cup run which feature throughout really make the film come to life."

Lawrie & The Boys of 76 is available to stream via lifeofasaint.co.uk and there are 1,976 limited Collectors Edition Boxes which includes the time and is full of memorabilia to mark the anniversary, with the proceeds going to the Saints Foundation and members of the 76 team.

A premiere event will take place on June 27 at Mayflower Mast Theatre with tickets on sale now.