AS WITH most of the footballing world, widespread outrage has been felt among Echo readers in response to plans for England's so-called ‘big six’ clubs to breakaway into a European Super League - to create a rival competition to the converted UEFA Champions League.

"The antithesis of football", "a dreadful thing", and "the bonfire of greed" are just some of their thoughts so far.

Under the plans announced yesterday, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City would all join the Super League, alongside six other confirmed founder European clubs, including Real Madrid and Barcelona.

They have been widely condemned by the football authorities in England, plus UEFA and FIFA, as well as by the British Government, and appear to be deeply unpopular with supporters.

Suggestions have so far been discussed about banning players from those teams involved from playing for their national teams, relegating the teams from the Premier League, and booting those currently in this season's semi-finals of the Champions League and Europa League out of the competitions.

Now Echo readers have been having their say, as discussions begin to heat up.

One reader said: "It is the antithesis of football and will kill the game.

"This is not about competition and earning the right to be in the league it’s about greed, the bonfire of greed.

"Nothing more than another NBA (basketball league in America) that’s all it will be."

Another said: " It’s a stupid Idea. it’s being greedy"

Another added: "If our clubs want to join the Super League then they should not be allowed to play in the [Premier League] or any of our domestic cups, forget about the transfer windows from our remaining clubs and kiss goodbye to the European trophies."

However, some are looking at it in a different way.

One said: "It is a dreadful thing for football but in the long run the Premier League could be more even and more competitive, but we will see."

Another added:  "I personally think it’s good thing! The premier league will be far more interesting without those [teams]! Will make it a lot more interesting instead of the same old same old!"

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