A16 year-old from Eastleigh is off to the World BMX Championships Azerbaijan, next month.

Connor Blyth has qualified for the Worlds in Baku from June 5-9 with two podium finishes at various qualifiers over the last year.

Connor says: “Just being there is a bonus, I’m just going to do my best and see what happens.”

Connor, who is in his last year at Crestwood School pupil, has overcome many injuries, requiring dental reconstructions and trips to osteopath Cain Sedgwick, during his BMX career.

“I’ve got to be really thankful to Cain, who has put me back together, more times than I can remember,” said Connor, whose parents, Darren and Sarah, have converted a van into a mobile home to help watch him compete in Scotland, Cumbria and Holland.

Sedgwick said: “Connor’s falls have been pretty dramatic and have resulted in him twisting his pelvis on several occasions and also whiplash-type injuries.

“He’s a tenacious lad who just seems to bounce back, so I’m really pleased to see him competing in Baku next month.”