TO ELAINE Bushrod, who complains that loyal fans boo their team: rubbish.

I have watched and followed Saints for 55 years and saw them through the bad times and the good.

I, like Elaine couldn’t see the sense and still don’t of sacking Claude Puel after one season when we were very unlucky not to win the League Cup final, and finished 8th.

But I am still baffled why we chose Pellegrino above other more experienced managers. I am still baffled why he is still here and rate him as the worst manager we have had.

Worse than Branfoot.

He is totally out of his depth in the Premier League. His tactics are inept. His refusal to play two up front beggars belief.

How many times has Pellegrino taken off one of our best players put on another attacker who immediately is put out on the wing, leaving one striker labouring on his own again.

Poor old Gabbiadini must be totally frustrated. Guido Carrillo must be as well. It’s not the players who are at fault, they are following Pellegrino’s instructions.

The booing is not aimed at the players but this awful manager and the board. I have never known so much discontent in all my years watching Southampton.

Elaine cannot tell me that she is happy at this moment in time and that she never gets angry at this manager’s selections and tactics.

Elaine cannot tell me that she is happy with some of the players’ contributions and effort during the games. Some of them look fed up and some look as if they don’t want to be out on the pitch.

A lot of people say that Pellegrino is a nice person. Well my message to him personally is: if you are a nice man, do the honourable thing and resign now and take your coaches with you.

As far as I’m concerned we are going down. Get another manager like Silva in who would at least put some fight and belief in our squad. We have the players very capable of avoiding relegation but not with this clown of a manager.

In the meantime we all the right to complain and moan and boo.

I pray that we get out of this mess.

Paddy Sketcher

Isle of Wight