At least one candidate from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background will be interviewed for future roles within the England set-up, the Football Association has announced.

Chief executive Martin Glenn revealed the FA will adopt its own version of the 'Rooney Rule' as the governing body confirmed its plans for the forthcoming year.

Glenn confirmed the rule will "absolutely" be implemented whenever the FA come to choose Gareth Southgate's successor as manager of the men's team.

Football League clubs introduced their own version of the rule - named after NFL diversity committee chairman Dan Rooney - on January 1, and Glenn believes it is the duty of the FA to set an example.

In November, Sports People's Think Tank said 22 of 482 coaching roles in the top four divisions were held by BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) coaches.

Asked if the rule would be used to determine the next England manager, Glenn replied: "Absolutely. We are there to set an example.

"I think the Rooney Rule on its own isn't enough. All the other programmes about building the pipeline of talented young BAME coaches is also important at the same time.

"We are also quite a big employer as well if you think about the number of 28 England teams now, if you include men's, women's and disability.

"I think in talking to people at the Premier League and the FA, I don't see any resistance to it and to be fair the EFL has a Rooney rule in place."