I HESITATE to comment further on Saints situation but I am astounded by what I see on the pitch.

Well, another ‘must win’ game comes and goes, and we still can’t win.

The team selection and tactics have now assumed a level of unpredictability that is at best bizarre and at worst ridiculous.

I could suggest that maybe drawing the team out of a hat would maybe be more relevant. It’s unlikely to produce worse results.

I have only one question: how long can this situation continue?

Since August Saints have squandered every opportunity to amass points. We have failed to develop any players (in fact I believe individually they have largely got worse).

I shall skip the next game, as indeed many others now seem to be already doing.

I can’t stand the frustration. Season ticket anyone?

It’s time to face reality in the boardroom and earn your money, otherwise you may find you wake up to a disaster.

Bob Barton

Chandler’s Ford