Pro-European Campaigners took to the street to demand a proper vote for MPs on the final Brexit deal.

On Saturday morning Winchester saw a strong presence of pro-EU groups; the Buttercross area was full of EU and Union flags and many activists were distributing leaflets and talking to Christmas shoppers.

The main discussions centred on giving Parliament the final say, and on the NHS difficulties resulting from Brexit.

In Winchester the Hampshire European Movement, the 48% Winchester, the Liberal Democrats, the Win-IN (Winchester International Network), and several other set up a joint stall by the Buttercross.

More than 40 volunteers, wearing something blue and waving EU and Union flags, attended the European Movement stand. Around 230 members of the public signed the EM petition urging Steve Brine, Winchester MP to ensure that Parliament has a real opportunity for a meaningful vote on the final deal on leaving the EU, including the option to remain if it is not up to scratch.

And in a spirit of democracy there were also some constructive discussions with a few Brexiteers, and some activist noted that “the tide is turning”. Winchester voted 59 per cent to remain in the EU.

The cold and sunny morning added to the pre-Christmas occasion — as did the presence of the Portchester, Fareham and Gosport Youth Band, giving extra sound effects to the discussions on politics and Brexit.

Winchester resident, Alison Biden, coordinator of the campaign, said: "We were delighted to get such a strong positive response from people. Winchester voted Remain in the referendum and it's clear that local people still want the closest possible relationship with the EU."

Michael Young, CEO of the European Movement UK, said: “We have a right to change our minds and think again about Brexit. We do not have to leave the EU.

“The current Parliamentary debate on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will shape the future of this country for generations to come, and our supporters are pushing for the optimum outcome.

“People who want a different future to the one that Theresa May is offering us are joining the ranks of the European Movement all the time to make a stand against Brexit.

The European Movement is an independent, cross-party organisation committed to keeping the UK in the EU.