WINCHESTER environmental campaigners have said goodbye to Chris Holloway, outgoing director of Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC). The group has welcomed Tom Brenan as the new head.

Chris Holloway has retired after more than eight years at the climate charity, though she intends to continue as an active volunteer.

“Local public opinion has definitely shifted since 2009 when I became the first director of Winchester Action on Climate Change. It used to be fairly common for someone to ask whether climate change really existed” she said in her farewell speech.

“This never happens now, and lots of people are trying to tread more lightly on the planet. But individual action isn't enough. The only hope of preserving the world for our children and grandchildren is action by those who shape our world. People can't and won't change unless the world they live in makes it easier for them to live a low carbon life.”

Mr Brenan is an environmental and planning lawyer, with broad experience advising communities and organisations including the Environmental Law Foundation and the National Trust.

He has also studied and practices permaculture and biodynamic horticulture and served as a director of the Biodynamic Land Trust. “I’m looking forward to working with WinACC. An important focus will be working with the city council, the county council, and wide range of organisations and businesses as well as local communities, to build a Winchester district that helps people to live in ways that make them happy and healthy without consuming more than our share of the world’s resources, or adding to the greenhouse gas pollution that affects our health, the climate, and all life on earth” said Tom.

WinACC chairman Tony Stoller said: “We are delighted that Tom is joining WinACC. Everybody involved in the efforts to combat climate change in Winchester and District looks forward to working with him in tackling the challenges ahead. Chris has given splendid service to WinACC over the past eight years, and we are pleased that she will continue to be involved in a voluntary capacity".