PRO EU campaigners were out in force in Winchester as part of a nationwide action day.

The Hampshire branch of the European Movement UK (EMUK) campaigning for a future side by side with European partners and inside the EU.

The group gathered in Winchester High Street to speak to people about why they believe the European Union is important to our future peace and prosperity, rights and freedoms.

Alison Biden, local organiser at the Hampshire branch, said: “Many people are very dissatisfied with the way the government is handling the referendum result.

Even the ‘Brexiters’ are now admitting there will be more austerity and the poorest will be hit the hardest.

Rather than the extra £350 million for the NHS, the health service has already been badly impacted, with 96% fewer EU nurses applying to work here.

So many of the alleged restrictive regulations are not down to the EU, but our own government, or even myths.

We refuse to stand back and see our rights and freedoms taken away because someone wanted simply a stronger light bulb or bendy banana.

“There is a growing demand for some sort of final vote on leaving the EU. Now is the time to make ourselves heard, swell our numbers and prevent this country being taken backwards.”

campaigns director for the European Movement UK, James MacCleary, said: “The European Movement is growing day by day as more and more pro-Europeans find an organisation they can align themselves to and, through positive action, express their frustrations and discontent at the Brexit path Theresa May is directing us down.

“This is what we hope to achieve with our campaign day today and our social media outreach.

"We want to give our supporters and members a voice and a range of opportunities to have their say on what we believe is a historic mistake, and is not in the best interests of the UK.”