LOTS of things are happening in Winchester, or are about to happen. Silver Hill has been a running issue for years, then there’s Station Approach and now the relocation of the leisure centre from Hyde to Bar End.

The latter is currently much less controversial than the previous two, but that may change.

The city council has undertaken a public consultation and announced that support for the new £35 million leisure centre on playing fields, stands at around 90 per cent.

Now this sounds suspiciously like a poll in North Korea for support for the hair style of esteemed leader, Kim Jong-Un.

And here lies the problem. Local authorities are criticised for not consulting adequately with the public. When they do, the result often looks like something from eastern Europe in the Cold War.

There is a seemingly large body of public opinion that, unless a public official knocks on their front door, thinks that they have not been properly consulted.

This newspaper has not been shy of criticising the city and county councils, indeed any public body, for shoddy consultation. But it cuts both ways. When an authority takes the trouble to clearly announce its intentions and asks for reaction, its is beholden on the public to respond. There is widespread support for the leisure centre. Or is there?