WE are living in unusual times. A ‘post-truth’ world where the most powerful man on the planet seems unable to tell fact from fiction, where the truth is what he says it is. A world into which this country post-Brexit is about to embark.
But three terror attacks in the space of a few weeks are real enough, the sickening targeting of innocent people in Manchester and London to satisfy some demented, baffling hatred.
And so we go to the polling stations today, the third nationwide poll in only two years, if you include the referendum in 2016.
There are countless reasons why everyone should go and vote. They don’t lose their power for being regularly repeated - that millions have died in defending our democracy in two world wars; that thousands have been abused, beaten and imprisoned for demanding those rights that we take for granted and to which millions across the globe still aspire; that only by voting can one have the right to complain; the list goes on.
The terror attacks give another very good reason to vote. It will show these nihilistic nobodies that our values are stronger than their misguided fanaticism. They have proved that they can kill and maim girls, and nurses, and unarmed police officers. But by everyone voting today we will prove that they cannot undermine the foundations of our way of life.