In a surprising turn of events, multi-billionaire-gazillionaire Elon Musk has reviewed Jeremy Clarkson's Hawkstone beer.

The former Top Gear host is famously a beer lover who created his very own lager, Hawkstone, using ingredients from his Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire. 

And now, he's found a friend in Elon Musk, of sorts.

The 52-year-old owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, was seen drinking a bottle of Hawkstone on their official TikTok account.

Musk can be seen sat quite a windy table (Bill Gates likely had the better spot) before taking a sip: "As beer goes, that's great."

@hawkstoneofficial When a man who really doesn’t like beer …tries a Hawkstone.. #elonmusk #jeremyclarkson #hawkstone ♬ original sound - Hawkstone

One user replied: "How has this connection happened exactly?!"

Another perplexed fan commented: "Honest, Elon Musk drinking a Hawkstone was not on my 2024 Bingo card. Jeremy has said some not so nice things about Tesla".

Over the years, Musk and Clarkson exchanged barbs through interviews and social media.

In a 2018 interview with The Independent, Clarkson called Musk "an idiot" and claimed they "almost had a fight."

In response, Musk took to Twitter and called Clarkson "weird" and "rude." In 2021, Clarkson talked about Musk's kids' unique names and suggested he call them "John or Jane or whatever."

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Clarkson's response to National Beer Day

When told that National Beer Day was on Sunday, Mr Clarkson provided a humorous response to the news.

A video was posted to Hawkstone’s official Instagram account which showed the Clarkson’s Farm star sitting and enjoying a glass of the beer.

“Jeremy you know it's National Beer Day,” asked the cameraman to the celebrity.

“No, it isn’t, it's National Beer Day every day,” Clarkson joked.

Season three of Clarkson’s Farm was released last month on Prime Video with eight new episodes documenting life on the Oxfordshire farm.