Rishi Sunak attended plenty of prestigious schools in his youth, and one he studied at was Winchester College.

He attended between the ages of 13 and 18 and was denied a scholarship there but rose to be head boy and edited the school newspaper, The Wykehamist.

The school is thought to be the oldest continuously running in Britain and was conceived as a feeder institution to Oxford University.

The Prime Minister was discussing education policies at the Conservative Party conference today (October 4) which has seen some questions being asked about what the fees are to attend his old school.

Hampshire Chronicle: Rishi Sunak attended Winchester College between the ages of 13 and 18Rishi Sunak attended Winchester College between the ages of 13 and 18 (Image: PA)

What are the fees at Winchester College?

On the school's website, it states the fee is £49,152 per annum for boarding pupils, which equates to £16,384 per term.

Meanwhile, day pupils at Winchester College pay £36,369 per annum (£12,123 per term) but this is with the caveat that day pupils are allowed from Sixth Form only.

What did Rishi Sunak say on education at the Tory conference?

At the Conservative party conference, Sunak announced that the Government will introduce a new, combined single qualification, the Advanced British Standard, bringing together A-levels and T-levels.

The Prime Minister said: "We will introduce the new rigorous, knowledge-rich Advanced British Standard, which will bring together A-levels and T-levels into a new single qualification for our school leavers.

“First, this will finally deliver on the promise of parity of esteem between academic and technical education.

“Because all students will sit the Advanced British Standard.

“Second, we will raise the floor ensuring that our children leave school literate and numerate because with the Advanced British Standard, all students will study some form of maths and English to 18 with extra help for those who struggle most.

“In our country, no child should be left behind.”