The emergence of the Omicron coronavirus variant leads the nation’s headlines.

The Guardian reports that scientists are warning the new strain will inevitably reach Britain, while ministers have been urged to speed up vaccinations.

The Independent said Britain is braced for the variant’s arrival, while the iweekend said the UK is battling to hold back the spread.

The Daily Mirror says scientists fear the variant is already in Britain.

The Daily Telegraph reports that England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has urged people to be calm amid warnings around the new strain.

The Daily Mail urges people to stay calm and not let the new variant ruin Christmas, while the Daily Express warns the variant could pose a threat to the festive celebration.

The Financial Times reports on the dip in stocks and oil prices in reaction to the latest variant.

The Times says Britain has warned France that more migrants will die in the English Channel unless it reopens talks over Boris Johnson’s plan to reduce the number of small boats attempting to make the crossing.

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that there was an intruder on the set of reality television show I’m A Celebrity.

And the Daily Star says that chef Jamie Oliver cannot make toast.