SOME of the most radical ideas on how Winchester should develop have been proposed by a local architect.

Paul Bulkeley, of Snug Projects, believes that instead of expanding outwards onto greenfields there are three under-used sites within the city boundaries that could accommodate 2,000 homes as well as employment.

The three sites are: the train station/Andover Road; Winnall between Erasmus Park and the flood plain and the Bar End playing fields.

Mr Bulkeley, whose firm is based in Jewry Street, argues that the sites are ideally placed for people to live, work and play and would improve the appearance of three routes into the city.

He has held several private presentations to city councillors and officers, the City of Winchester Trust and Winchester Action on Climate Change.

He says his ‘blue sky thinking’ has been well-received: “Once you start a dialogue and get people talking it’s amazing what creative ideas emerge.”

Mr Bulkeley does not argue that his ideas could save Barton Farm: “It is not an alternative. Winchester needs to recognise it needs to build houses and Barton Farm needs to go ahead. I’m concerned the Barton Farm group is still campaigning.”

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