Winchester Greens have welcomed news that the party has its first county councilllor.

It follows the defection of Totton councillor Alan Weeks after 25 years as a Liberal Democrat.

Cllr Weeks says he switched after seeing his national party move from “centre-left to the right.”

Mr Weeks said: “Locally, the Liberal Democrats have lost a lot of support. I did a lot of knocking on doors at the last election and people are disillusioned with the national Liberal party.”

The 52-year-old, who represents Totton North on the county council, accused Lib Dem MPs of breaking pledges over raising university tuition fees. He is also opposed to academy schools and elected police commissioners.

He becomes the first Lib Dem on the council to defect since the general election last year and will now sit as the only Green Party member at the Tory-led authority.

However he is not the only single-person party as there is only one Labour councillor, Jane Frankum who represents Basingstoke North.

Mr Weeks lost his seat on New Forest District Council in the May elections but is still a member of Totton and Eling Town Council.

He said his electric Nissan Leaf car – powered by solar panels on the roof of his house – was proof of his green credentials.

The father-of-three said: “I am effectively driving on sunlight. I hope I am the first of many green councillors. At recent elections several greens were elected in the New Forest at parish council level. People need an alternative to the Conservatives.”

Alison Craig of Winchester Green Party welcomed Cllr Weeks, and said local Greens would benefit from his knowledge and electoral experience.

She said: “We hope Liberal Democrats in Winchester will follow Alan’s example and join us. We are the party of the future and we stick to our principles.”

But Keith House, Lib Dem group leader at the county council, said: “I’m sad Alan has decided to jump ship. We have the greenest government ever so this is an odd decision.

“Alan will find being a lone voice on the council a challenge and will find that those who join minority parties are rarely able to hold their seats.”