LORD Douglas Hurd of Westwell, the former home and foreign secretary, returned to Twyford School where he was once a pupil.

During his visit, he told the current schoolchildren about his formative days at the school.

It included watching the vapour trails of aircraft during the Battle of Britain and many nights in the school’s air-raid shelter.

He also spoke about roaming the countryside and the pinnacle of his sporting career - 32 not out in a school cricket match.

The children then asked Lord Hurd questions about his political career, serving in both the Thatcher and Major governments.

Afterwards, he gave a talk to parents, staff and Old Twyfordians entitled ‘Why on Earth Did I Choose Politics?’ Lord Hurd, who is President of the Twyford School Society, shared a series of stories and anecdotes from the corridors of power.

Afterwards, guests enjoyed a delicious three-course dinner prepared by the school’s catering team.