A Winchester school was invaded by a mysterious visitor from space this week.

An alien egg crash-landed at Weeke Primary School on Tuesday, March 15, to the bemusement of the students.

The school, in Stoney Lane, was joined by Hampshire Police, 10 student ‘scientists’ from the University of Winchester and a ‘UFO-ologist from the University of Warwick’ to help investigate the landing site, where a trail of alien blood and slime was left.

In reality, the event was part of the school’s creative writing day thought up by literacy co-ordinator Elaine Mousley.

The children were encouraged to write in a variety of different styles such as newspaper reports and television adverts in response to the eggs arrival.

Ms Mousley said: “It has gone really well and the children were really interested in where it came from. Today is our creative writing day and they are all coming up with ideas about how it got here and things they heard and saw.”

Children said they heard clanging noises in the night and saw flashing lights, and one child even said he saw something hovering in the playground.

Pupils channelled their creative thoughts in a variety of activities, from drawing pictures of what they thought the alien looked like to the creating a video advertisement for Weeke based on the extra terrestrial activity.