TOMMY Jessop, the Winchester-based actor, has a starring role in a new BBC Radio 4 play, The Climb, which airs next week.

He performs the role of Frankie, who like himself, has Down’s Syndrome and is one of three characters that takes on a massive challenge.

Along with John, who is blind, and Bud, who is 3ft 6in tall, the trio decides to scale Blackpool Tower.

One major problem is that they do not have permission for their challenge of a lifetime, and the police are keen for them to come down.

The performers used climbing gear on a metal frame to get the sound effects in the studio just right.

Along with his radio and television roles, Tommy Jessop also works with the Blue Apple Theatre Company based at the Tower Arts Centre in Winchester.

The Climb will be aired at 2.15pm on Tuesday, October 26.