A WINCHESTER woman who successfully claimed against a notorious clamper is urging other victims to do the same.

Nikkan Woodhouse clawed back the £420 she had to pay Whites Car Park Solutions (WCPS) last December after she was clamped outside National Tyres in St Cross Road, Winchester.

She was one of several to be caught out at the garage, which signed a 12-month contract with WCPS without the knowledge of senior management. The furore prompted some victims to picket the spot to stop others getting caught.

The 39-year-old said her case was due to be heard in the small claims court on Monday (August 16) but was thrown out because WCPS did not submit an adequate defence.

The news comes, coincidentally, as it was reported that the Government is to ban wheel clampers from operating on private land in England and Wales.

Ms Woodhouse, who received around £500, including costs, said: “If you want to get your money back then try, bring a claim in and see where it takes you.”

The housewife, from Twyford, said she was happy to help other victims recover their cash. Contact nikkanwoodhouse1@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

She added: “I'm just pleased to have my money back. It is not a very good precedent but it shows WCPS backed out at the last minute and it did not feel it had a good enough case.”