A SERIES of talks on the global financial crisis will be taking place in Winchester, chaired by Debbie Thrower.

The broadcaster will be leading a question and answer session at the end of all four events, which will run in the city throughout January.

They will feature guest speaker Peter Selby, the former Bishop of Worcester and financial academic from the University of Durham.

He will be giving four talks at the United Church in Jewry Street entitled 'Mammon's Revenge: the global finance crisis, its roots and its results'. The title stems from Mammon being a false god of riches and greed.

The four events will be part of the long-running Space in the City programme, which is based at the United Church.

In this latest series, the retired bishop, who now lives on the Isle of Wight, will focus on what lessons can be learned from the current recession. The audience will then have the chance to ask questions.

The first event starts at 12.30pm tomorrow (Wednesday, January 6), and the others will take place at the same time and venue on the next three Wednesdays.

All are welcome and sandwiches will be available. More details are available at www.spaceinthecity.org.uk or from Miggy Scott on 01962 868056.