A WOMAN was last night facing sleeping on a sofa in freezing temperatures after being evicted.

Victoria Osborne, 43, along with her beloved parrot Ernie, was kicked out of her home in Lent Hill Court, Stanmore, have being taken to court by Winchester City Council over criminal damage.

However, Victoria says she was only trying to protect her children.

The mother of three, who also looks after a foster child, says a man had continually tried to come into the communal bathroom while she was bathing her children, and glued the door shut to stop him from coming in.

Following that, Victoria was taken to court by Winchester City Council, who successfully got her evicted from the property for criminal damage.

Now she has been left with nowhere to sleep except the sofa currently outside her front door.

Victoria claims she had been in touch with council officers numerous times about the issues, but was “simply ignored”.

She said: “I was protecting my children.”

“I’m going to camp out here because I’ve got nowhere else to go. They’ve been ignoring me and all I am asking for is help.”

She added: “All these homes [in Stanmore] are empty, four have been empty for months.”

Although Victoria’s children are now being looked after by friends, her parrot Ernie, who she’s had for 26 years, was left facing the elements with her last night.

Currently, the majority of Victoria’s belongs are scattered outside her home as she has nowhere to put them. She is renting a storage unit, but said that it is full, and says she has no money left as the unit is costing her more than £100 a month.

According to the met office, temperatures were set to plummet to freezing overnight.

In a statement issuedthis morning, the city council said: "Winchester City Council is keen to work and engage with all residents using our services, and it is rare that the Council resorts to evicting residents in accommodation.

"However following a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour including serious criminal damage in addition to significant  rent arrears we had no option but to take formal action.

"The temporary accommodation team have regularly updated Children’s Services at Hampshire County Council of the action being taken so support could be offered to ensure the children’s welfare needs were met when the eviction took place.”

Victoria was no longer outside Lent Hill Court this morning.